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This is one of the most comprehensive bibliographic databases within the field of mathematics with reviews or abstracts drawn from more than 3500 journals and 1100 serials. Zentralblatt MATH covers all areas of pure and applied mathematics and history of mathematics (including logic, combinatorics, number theory, algebraic geometry, algebra and group theory, real and complex analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, functional analysis, topology, geometry, probability theory and statistics, numerical mathematics, theoretical computer science and automata theory, mathematical quantum and statistical physics, classical, solid and fluid mechanics, general relativity and astronomy, electrodynamics, heat and mass transfer, geophysics, mathematical programming, operations research, game theory, financial mathematics and economics, systems and control theory, information and communication, circuits, coding, cryptography, applications in biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, and education). Zentralblatt MATH covers all published and refereed articles, books, conferences as well as other publication formats (CD-ROM, DVD, Video-tapes, web-documents) belonging to the scope given. Moreover, ZBMATH also partially covers theses.






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