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EUR-Lex is the European Union’s database of EU legislation providing free access in all official EU languages to: • The authentic electronic Official Journal of the European Union, • EU law (EU treaties, directives, regulations, decisions, consolidated legislation, etc.) • Preparatory acts (legislative proposals (a.o. COM documents), reports, green and white papers, etc.), • EU case-law (judgements, orders, etc.), • International agreements, • EFTA documents,• Summaries of EU legislation, which put legal acts into a policy context, explained in plain language, and • Parliamentary questions. Each document is displayed with analytical metadata "Document information" i.a.: Dates, subject classifications, procedure (the life cycle of the document) and relationship between documents. EUR-Lex also gives you access to all "Legislative procedures" that formerly was part of the contents of the now ceased PreLex website. This allows you to follow the life cycle of a legal act from the very first proposal up to the latest amendments, consolidations and interpretations. A timeline provides a visual representation of the procedure. All interventions by the EU institutions and bodies involved in the decision-making process are represented. From the timeline you can access detailed information about each institution's decisions and how they were taken, the services and departments involved, the legal basis of the act, etc. Behind the tab "National law" are i.a. links to "N-Lex - a common gateway to national law" of the EU member states and to "National transposition measures" of EU legislation. The database is updated daily.


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