Curia is the website of the Court of Justice of the European Union. The Court - established in 1952 - constitutes the judicial authority of the European Union and, in cooperation with the courts and tribunals of the Member States, it ensures the uniform application and interpretation of European Union law. It now consists of three courts: the Court of Justice, the General Court (created in 1988) and the Civil Service Tribunal (created in 2004). The website provides information in all the official EU languages on the EU courts and their activities and allows you to search case-law and judgments from the courts. The InfoCuria database contains all the publicly available information concerning the cases brought before the EU courts. You can search the database from the “simple” search form “Search for a case” on the front page of the Curia website or you can enter the full search form with all search criteria. Unfold the menu under the heading “Case-law” and click on “Search form”. The “Numerical access” allows you to access case-law by case number from numerical/chronological lists of all cases brought before the EU courts since 1953 -. Fulltext access to most documents via links to the EUR-Lex website or the Curia website itself. Note that only the versions of the documents published in the publications "Reports of Cases" (in Danish: Samling af Domstolens afgørelser, 1954-1989/ Samling af afgørelser fra Domstolen og Retten i Første Instans, 1990-) or the "Official Journal of the European Union" are authentic. Curia and InfoCuria are updated daily.


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