Dækker perioden: 1867-.

Karnov online is now a joint platform for: Karnov, Msøg and Skat & Regnskab (Tax & Accounts). You may search for acts or sections directly, or search via the subject entries on the website where it is possible to limit your search to types of legal sources or to a specific subject. Karnov Law is the only supplier of easily accessible English translations of certain Danish laws. The laws are consolidated with the latest amendments, and are updated on a regular basis. Karnov’s body of laws contain consolidated laws that provide access to present laws. Current comment updates with links to case law, orders, and other administrative regulations, as well as specialist literature. Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen (equivalent to The Weekly Journal of Administration of Justice) provides an overview of Danish common law in connection with verdicts and in-depth articles. Furthermore, the Karnov Group publishes a series of journals concerning case law, news, and analysis. All are updated on a regular basis and edited by leading specialists in the field.


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