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Danmarks Statistikbank

StatBank Denmark contains comprehensive and detailed statistical information on the Danish society. The database is supplied by Statistics Denmark / Danmarks Statistik, that is the central authority in Danish Statistics. The collection contains extensive material for documentation and description of conditions in Denmark. Data can be extracted and downloaded for further preparation and analysis. The datatables in StatBank Denmark covers and are organised within the following subject areas: Population and elections, Education and knowledge, Culture and National Church, Labour, income and wealth, Prices and consumption, National accounts and government finances, Money and credit market, External economy, Business sector in general, Business sectors, Geography, environment and energy. Much of the information is annual, but you'll also find many datatables that are updated on a monthly or quarterly basis. StatBank Denmark is available in Danish and English. Everybody has free direct access to StatBank Denmark. You can access StatBank Denmark without having a user profile. Making a user profile is free of charge. A major advantage of having a user profile is the possibility of extracting tables with up to 100,000 figures. Non-profile users can only extract tables containing up to 1,000 figures or data cells.


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