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Dækker perioden: 1963-.

In Derwent each patent is assigned to a patent familiy and a industry code saving you valuable research time. Instead of one record per patent you search among 37.4 million patent families [2018]. Each patent family is grouped around a "basic patent", which is usually the first published example of the invention. All subsequent filings are referred back to the "basic patent". This allows you to see the full global protection for a single invention. 900+ technical and patent subject experts is providing the world’s most comprehensive collection of global patent data in English. Translated from more than 30 languages the "basic patent" is enriched with editorially enhanced titles and comprehensive abstracts that summarize the novelty of the invention. Here is the strength of Derwent and what makes it attractive to search as patent database! To improve searchability Derwent further utilizes unbiased coding and indexing systems, which are intellectually and consistently applied across all patent authorities and technologies. Derwent Data Analyser, an analysis and visualization tool on your search results, makes it possible to answer complex questions around market trends, R&D investment and IP strategy.


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